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Working together to create lives that are ADHD and Autism-friendly!

Tailored Coaching

Are you tired of standardised approaches that don’t cater to your unique needs?

Do you need a coach to keep you focused while you update your budget, organise your calendar/appointments? A coach can help keep you accountable and tailor your sessions to your unique needs. Perhaps you want to boost productivity and reduce time spent doing online shopping? Coach Tessa can help you plan and prioritise your life, empower you and boost your focus and productivity.

Our one-to-one coaching is designed specifically for neurodivergent individuals, addressing challenges such as loneliness, fostering a sense of community, prioritising and planning tasks, boosting productivity, focus and over all empowering you to individually smash life goals!

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Need Help Staying On Task?

Wanna Improve Your Productivity and Focus?

In our exclusive Smash Room (virtual body doubling space) on Zoom, people from all over the world log in and join each other; being held accountable for completing tasks, in a supportive and friendly environment with Coach Tessa cheering them on!

Tasks can be anything from making children’s lunches, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, responding to emails, or making that important morning phone call. This isn’t just a virtual co-working space; it’s a dynamic environment where neurodivergent individuals from around the world come together to support one another.

How Can I Help?

As a neurodivergent coach who’s been in your shoes, I know one-size-fits-all support just doesn’t cut it. I struggled for years before finally discovering approaches that worked for my unique wiring and challenges. Now I want to pay that forward to help you thrive too.

If you feel lost, overwhelmed or misunderstood in trying to manage ADHD and/or Autism day-to-day, reach out. I’ll meet you where you are, without judgement, so we can fine tune a customised coaching program and tools aligned to your specific needs.

You deserve to feel supported as your best self, wherever this journey takes you next. This is coaching with heart.

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